Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vintage 1970's lined "Oroton" Glomesh purse

This is a vintage, fully lined purse made by "Oroton", a very collectable brand.

It is made of very soft and shiny Glomesh chainmail and has the original label inside that reads "Oroton" on one side, and "Made in West Germany" on the reverse. It has a gold clasp, and the lining is made of satin in a wonderfully uni
que gold/apricot colour. Brilliant for a collector or just to use as a coin purse or a statement mini clutch bag.

It is in fabulous condition and has been kept in a box since I bought it - A great statement accessory!

Vintage 1960's dressing table pots

These are a pair of absolutely beautiful, absolutely vintage pots that I found a few years ago in a charity shop.

They are original 1960's dressing table pots, perfect for putting earrings, buttons or brooches in and are made of carved glass with a very unique 'ribbed' effect around the edges. They look simply gorgeous in the bathroom, or of course on your dressing table!

I'm only selling these because I have no space for any more trinkets in my house, and I'll be very sad to see them go.


Meet Lambcake's mascot - Onion Man! Each is hand knitted, hand sewn and tagged with his own name, so each one is completely unique and with his own personality.

They also make a very sweet gift and are a fabulous stocking filler!

This is Voodoo, so called becuase of his slightly creepy (yet cute, I think) face and his bright orange eyes! He fits nicely into the palm of your hand, is very soft and is about 5 inches high.

Why not give Voodoo as a gift for next Halloween?


Meet Lambcake's mascot - Onion Man! Each is hand knitted, hand sewn and tagged with his own name, so they are completely unique and each has his own personality! Also, every Onion Man is specially named after a type of onion for an extra sweet touch.

This is Rubens, the largest Onion Man I've made and my favourite! Rubens measures 14 inches in circumference by 4.5 high.

He's made of two different types of red wool, so he's nice and sturdy. He has two lovely googly button eyes and a sewn mouth, and he's been hand finished and stuffed.
He would make a lovely companion or gift for anyone!

The Lambcake blog is here! (Long live the blog!)

Hello everyone,

I thought it was time to set up a blog for the Lambcake Etsy shop and here it is - Complete with a nice Christmas theme. Do you like it?

Well, things have been a little slow to start regarding the shop, but I have been told that that's always the case with handmade items, as they're a bit of a tough nut to crack at the beginning, but I'm staying positive that I'll make my first sale soon. That'll be a momentous occasion, I can tell you!

Even so, I've had quite a few views on my items so far and it's really exciting so, fingers crossed.

Keep an eye on the shop over the next couple of days, as I'll be adding some new, special items that I'm sure you will love. Don't forget to check out the Lambcake Twitter page and come and see us on Facebook, too!

Happy Holidays,
Emma at Lambcake.